Blended Families

When one or both of you brought children into your marriage or remarriage, you probably discovered that uniting two families as one presents its challenges. In this group, we’ll talk about things that matter to blended families, such as: sharing parenting time, holiday dynamics, finances, co-parenting, and building the kinds of relationships that make your family more cohesive. The couple who leads this group understands these challenges all too well, being a blended family themselves. We also have several events for blended families during the year, so contact us for dates and times. Children’s ministry is available (no cost).

Leaders: Tace & Carmen Wieczorek, 763.315.7297 x7622 or
When: 7–8:30 p.m., Wednesdays (6 weeks, fall)
Where: Church (room 230 & 232)