Featured Events

Pastor Mac Hammond

Sat., Apr 29 - Sun., Apr 30

Pastor Mac will share more from his all-important series, "Bridge the Divide."

Pastor Ray Kelly

Wed., May 3

Join us for our midweek service with Ray Kelly as continues his series titled "God's Faith Pioneers".

Pulse Unite

Thu., May 4

Let’s stand together as one voice on the National Day of Prayer.

WorldVision Promise Packs

Sat., May 6

Join us as we work with WorldVision to assemble 8,000 Promise Packs!

Stand for Something

Fri., May 19

Guest minister Destiny Allbriton from CUFI on Campus will be at The Fifth Service.

Pastor Russell Kalenberg

Sat., May 27 - Sun., May 28

Join us with guest minister Pastor Russell Kalenberg for the weekend services!

CUFI Washington Summit 2017

Mon., Jul 17 - Tue., Jul 18

Join us on this incredible trip, let your voice be heard, and make a difference!


Sun., Aug 6 - Fri., Aug 11

You don't want your child to miss this life-changing experience!

iCAMP 2017

Mon., Aug 7 - Thu., Aug 10

You don't want your child to miss this life-changing experience!

Church Picnic & Water Baptism 2017

Sun., Aug 20

Don't miss our church family’s largest outdoor event of the year at Lake Rebecca Park Reserve.

Upper Midwest Faith Explosion

Tue., Aug 22 - Sat., Aug 27

Join us for six days of explosive, faith-packed ministry.

Guest Minister Dr. Billye Brim

Sat., Sep 23 - Sun., Sep 24

Join us with guest minister Dr. Billye Brim for the weekend services!

Guest Minister Dr. James Tan

Wed., Sep 27 - Fri., Sep 29

Join us with guest minister Dr. James Tan for the weekend services!

Pastor Mark Hankins

Sat., Oct 28 - Sun., Oct 29

Join us for guest minister Pastor Mark Hankins!